Dear Fannie,

Author,  Chadra Steward, Dear Fannie Audiobook.  First signing at Juice-C Juice Books and More in Carson, California. Her character Fannie pays a visit...

Fannie comes to town!

Fannie shows up and shows out at her first  Audiobook signing.

Fannie came into my life 10 years ago.  I had recently began my teaching career and I  would come home everyday with a new story to tell and new experiences to share.  Although, my stories of my challenges and joys were met with compassion by my husband, I thought I should write my stories down.   I wondered what it would be like to write to someone in the past.  So I decided to connect  to someone in slavery, and gave my character the name Fannie.  

Two years after I penned my first letter to Fannie,  I began  recording these letters in the studio.  Fannie came to life  and her larger-than-life personality and wit shone through the microphone.  Fannie isn't shy about telling of her struggles and her everlasting hope in God.  She has demonstrated such strength and has guided me along so I could enjoy my slice of "Freedom Pie".  I hope you enjoy listening to Fannie's wisdom, grace, and sense of humor about her bond life.  It will inspire you to not take your freedom for granted.
Dear Fannie Audiobook
Author, Chadra Steward